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This is a picture of my cat, Nessie (short for Nesquik), because you all deserve to see him.

Okay... let's move onto the other stuff.


 About   Me 

Hi, I'm Liana Mostafa, and I am a queer, Scottish Bengali photographer based in Glasgow.

As you have probably guessed, I love photography. Other things you need to know about me: I love houseplants and Marvel movies, I have put 400+ hours into my animal crossing island, and my cat is the most important person in my life 

 My Photography Style 


The thing that has the largest impact on us as humans, are emotions - which also happens to be the reason why I fell in love with photographing people.


As a result, everything from the composition, camera settings, posing and editing of my photos aim to either invoke or portray an emotion or story.


I want anyone who views the photographs I take to immediately be transported to that scene, and get a sense of what experiencing it would actually be like.

Tropical Leaves

Overall, my style of photography is one which has often been described as being more 'organic' and 'soft'. Even some of my more stylised photoshoots always have a sense of almost being 'lived in' - kind of like a tidy home vs a showroom.


Each photograph will always feel polished, but real.

Whether it's a well timed movement shot, intriguing props, or use of creative lighting/editing... My finishing touch for each session is to add a sense of ethereality. I want every single one of my clients to feel that they have received photographs which are truly unique to them.


So, why am I the right fit for you?

 As a business 

Whether it be through unconventional headshots, or a striking new advertising campaign - my photos will help your customers and client base deeply connect with your brand and its products; leaving you on their minds for days to come. 

 As an individual 
 or couple 

Whether its photos for your engagement, or to commemorate your trip to Scotland- these will not be photos that you will post on Instagram once, and then immediately forget about. These will be memories that you can look back on and cherish over a lifetime. 

 As a creative

Whether you are a model, content creator, musician or any other creative-  my photographs will prioritise showing the world the real you. Maybe you want to show more of your personality in your portfolio, an album cover that best represents your music's soul, or just some bomb insta pics. Regardless, you are in full creative control, always.


let's go.

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